Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Moringa Nutrition and Income Generating Project

In Somalia, Caritas through a local NGO teaches widows how to grow moringa, a very nutritious plant. The women farmers learn about harvesting, cleaning, drying, grinding and packing moringa leaves.  After harvest, the women will sell moringa leaf powder and use the profits to feed their families.
One human family, food for all
In order to respond to the campaign “One Human Family, Food for All” we in Caritas Somalia decided to accompany the awareness campaign with some practical actions in the fields of development and relief. In answer to the campaign we financed the following project “Moringa Nutrition and Income Generating Project”  in Lower Shabelle Region.
Moringa Nutrition and Income Generating Project is about the introduction of the worldwide acknowledged tree – Moringa, as a source of nutritional value for the poor. The project commenced on April  2014 and it is a pilot project. A Moringa farm will be cultivated and Moringa leaves will be processed and used as a nutritional supplement.

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