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Caritas Somalia

For those of you who would like to know about the work of the Catholic Church in Somalia, and for those of you who wish to support this work, please read this article. Your prayers and financial help for the Church's work in Somalia will be greatly appreciated. For further information about Caritas Somalia and/or to make donations, please see Caritas Somalia's contact details below. RCMSomalia

Organisation Name: Caritas Somalia
Address: Evêché.

B.P. n. 94.


République de Djibouti

Phone: +253 21350140
Fax: +253 21354831

Short History of Organisation:

·         Caritas Somalia was created on the 13/02/1980. 

·         On the 01/01/1983 Caritas Somalia was affiliated officially with Caritas Internationalis.

·         On the 17/08/1988 Caritas Somalia was recognized officially by Somalia’s Ministry of Interior as a "Local Association” that has as its goals the help of the poor and the achievement of developmental projects.

·         From 1991 to 2001 the site of Caritas Somalia was in Nairobi, Kenya, from 2001 it moved to Djibouti, due to political and ecclesiastical changes.

·         From 1991 up to now Caritas Somalia has worked in Somalia either directly, with its own personnel, or through local Somali NGOs. 

Description of Programs & Campaigns: 

Through effective relationships with partners and local communities, Caritas Somalia helps to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

Caritas Somalia continues to support local partners to implement multi-sectoral response for the local population and IDPs to respond to damages caused by drought, famine and armed conflict. The areas of intervention usually cover several IDP camps in Mogadishu, theAfgoye corridor and closed villages (Boqoley, Mordinle, Lafoole and Mererey), the town of Baidoa, Berdale and Brava, and some rural villages along the Juba River (Gobwein, Yontoy, Bulaguduud). In Somaliland we have been also supporting a number of projects particularly in the Awdal region.

Caritas Somalia is present in some part of the country through the work of Somali NGOs, born after the outbreak of the civil war. Our mission is to help people survive the conflict status and cope with the drought emergency. Caritas Somalia approaches humanitarian and development programs which directly address the poorest and most vulnerable individuals. In cooperation with our partners, we make sure that beneficiaries fully participate in the activities and have access to basic necessities in respect of their dignity.

Lack of public authorities and economic instability has encouraged the local communities’ private initiative in re-organising the former public services. According to their financial ability, with the support of the international community and the Somali Diaspora, the civil society runs schools, hospitals and supports local business. We encourage the involvement of the community committees in our projects, to strengthen the local governance and promote advocacy for the needs of the poorest people.

With regards to the mission of our Somali partners and regarding our attention in financing activities directly addressed to the most vulnerable people, we evaluate project proposals and we follow up the effective implementation of them.

In particular, we focus on the following areas:

ü  Hunger: we respond to food emergency in providing monthly food supplies; especially to IDPs in Mogadishu and south Somalia. We also support feeding programs in community health centres for children and pregnant women.

ü  Emergency: during the rainy season, our local partners assist flood affected and drought affected IDPs with tents, mosquito nets and blanket distribution in IDP camps in Mogadishu.

ü  Education: we support the fees of two schools in Mogadishu and several in the Somaliland region, in order to give equal opportunity to those who cannot afford an education because of their poor condition. The projects also aim to improve access to schooling for girls and the quality of teachers.

ü  Health: Caritas Somalia funds the construction and the operating costs of three medical centres in the Mogadishu area dedicated to IDPs. The health centres provide medicines, first aid, child health and pregnancy care.

ü  Aid to development: through income generating programs, our partners help local communities in south Somalia in developing agriculture and fishing, improving water supply and sanitation, providing micro-credits to sustain small business; especially addressed to vulnerable women.

Description of Organizational Structure (Number of Diocesan Members, Nationwide Staff and Volunteers):
Caritas Somalia’s head office is in Djibouti.  Caritas Somalia is composed currently of the President, Mgr Giorgio Bertin, and his assistant "Project Manager" Giovanni Parrino.

Other Caritas Partnerships: 
During the drought that struck Somalia in 2011-2012, Caritas Somalia had received funds from many National Caritas branches and from other organisations. 

Our principal partners are: Caritas Mona, Caritas Italiana, Caritas Spain, and Kindermissionwerk.

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