Monday, 22 July 2013

The Church's response to militant Islamic violence

The following video, produced by Aid to the Church in Need, concerns the current persecution of Christians in Nigeria. The video speaks for itself- but what is interesting- whatever you may think about inter-religious dialogue- is the Bishop's response to those militants who butchered so many Christians. It is not revenge he calls for, but for Christians to pray for the conversion of those who commit these terrorist acts and those who finance them. Further, the video brings to light the link between Boko Haram (Nigeria's terrorists) with the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (pretty much all of North Africa) and Somalia's Al-Shabaab. While the militants of Islam seek to destroy Christianity throughout Africa, by concerted and fierce military action, what are we Christians doing for our brethren who suffer a true martyrdom in these lands? We must fight back against the bloody sword of Islam- but our weapons are different- we must fight back with prayer and penance. Remember Lepanto? Remember Vienna? It was the Rosary that saved Europe then- it will be the Rosary that will save our brothers in Africa now. Pray for the Christians in Africa, and those around the world, who are suffering for Our Blessed Lord.

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