Friday, 29 May 2015

We Have to Fight Those Extremists Murdering People Under the Pretext of Religion - Dr. Ismail Omar Guelleh, Djibouti’s President

Djibouti's President Dr. Ismail Omar Guelleh said that the extremists use the religion erroneously and murder innocent people that everyone has to fight against them. In his opening remarks at the 3rd Forum of the East African Religious Leaders meeting in Djibouti on May 18, the president said that all people in the region should exert consolidated efforts to correct such wrong beliefs. The president also disclosed that Djibouti is ready to teach the right path of religion to every one in the region.
The conference is focusing on the role of Imam Shafe'i and strengthening the ritual unity and coexistence among people of the region, the president added. He also said that the world should unite for the thriving of peace.
Djibouti committed to hold such an annual meeting every year and let religious discuss so that there will be understanding among people in the region matters related to religion, he said.
Djibouti's Minister for Islamic Religion and Culture Mr. Aden Hassan Aden in his welcoming speech also said that Ethiopia received the first Islamic Hijra 'Immigrants' well during the reign of Negash. He added that now Djibouti is trying its best to be the center of pride and model not only for the region but also the world through  peaceful, coexistence and mutual understanding of religions. Minister Aden Hassan Aden described President Ismail Omar as a New Negash and a real leader who is paying all his efforts to make people live peacefully together.
Over 300 Ulema religious leaders from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Egypt and Turkey have participated in the conference. (Source:, 19/05/15)

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