Friday, 9 January 2015

French Muslim leaders meet with Pope Francis, condemn deadly Paris attacks
Four Muslim leaders from the Union of Mosques in France, met with Pope Francis on 8th January. They all condemned the deadly attacks that took place on Wednesday January 7th, where gunmen stormed the offices of the 'Charlie Hebdo' weekly satirical magazine. It's an attack presumed to be linked to the publication of cartoons depicting Muhammad. For years, these Muslim leaders have worked with Catholics to promote inter-religious dialogue. French Bishops also have condemned the attacks describing them as 'horrible.' 
Holy See's statement on terrorist attack in Paris
The Holy Father expresses the strongest condemnation for the horrific attack that afflicted the city of Paris with a high number of victims, sowing death, throwing the entire French society into consternation, and deeply upsetting all peace loving people, well beyond the borders of France.
Pope Francis joins in prayers for the suffering of the wounded and the families of the deceased and calls upon all to oppose by all means the spread of hatred and all forms of violence, both physical and moral, which destroys human life, violates the dignity of the person, radically undermines the fundamental good of peaceful coexistence between individuals and peoples, despite differences of nationality, religion and culture.
Whatever the motives may be, homicidal violence is abhorrent, it is never justifiable, the life and dignity of all are guaranteed and protected firmly, any incitement to hatred should be refused, respect must be cultivated.

The Pope expresses his closeness, his spiritual solidarity and support for all those who, according to their different responsibilities, continue to work consistently for peace, justice and the law, to heal the deep sources and the causes of hatred, in this painful and tragic moment, in France and around the world marked by tensions and violence. (source:

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