Friday, 5 December 2014

The Pope Speaks

Fundamentalism must be counteracted with solidarity and respect for freedom

Nov 28, 2014

After meeting the Turkish President Erdogan, the Pope delivered a speech where he said that Islamophobia is growing in the world. He also regretted that Muslims are seen as terrorists and condemned the violence in the Middle East.

In his address, the Pope denounced the ongoing wars in the region and called for a lasting peace. He stressed that all citizens must enjoy equal rights.

"It is essential that all citizens – Muslim, Jewish and Christian – enjoy, both in the provision and practice of the law, the same rights and respect the same duties. They will then find it easier to see each other as brothers and sisters who are in the same path, seeking always to reject misunderstandings while promoting cooperation and concord.”
The Pope explained that interreligious dialogue and solidarity can overcome fundamentalism and terrorism.

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