Sunday, 28 September 2014

Food for “displaced hungry children”

In order to meet the needs of the people in need, in Somalia, Caritas Somalia organized this project. The project was carried out by a local NGO between July and August. The aim was to intervene in those displaced camps in Mogadishu which were/are not helped by other organizations. Through this project we helped families from different ethnic groups, who live in displaced camps, with essential and basic food items distributed in packages. These groups were mainly consisting of women with children, old and sick people (affected by tuberculosis, malaria and typhoid) who have been hosted in the camps after leaving their places of origin. As already done in the past, community leaders and camp supervisors were involved in the identification of the beneficiaries of the project. The total number of beneficiaries was 1,800. Parts of the funds came from the Church in Spain (OPM).



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