Monday, 12 May 2014

Somalia Government announces Drought Emeregency, appeals for International Aid

The following article is taken from Horseed Media and can be read from its original source here. Following from the article published previously on RCMSomalia, the Somali Government has announced that it is facing a severe food and water shortage. Aid agencies have warned that this could lead to a repeat of the 2011 disaster which caused the death of 260 000 people. Please pray for the afflicted people of Somalia, and pray that this drought does not spiral into a repeat of the 2011 disaster. The Catholic Church in Somalia, through her humanitarian organization Caritas Somalia, runs a number of projects to aid the Somali people, including food distribution and emergency aid. To find out more or to help, see our post on Caritas Somalia. RCMS

"The drought situation in Southern and Central parts of Somalia remains critical and despite the recent rains a large number of the country’s population is said to be at risk.

Somali Cabinet ministers on Thursday officially declared a national drought emergency.

The worst affected areas are the pastoral regions of Hiiran, Galgadud and Bakool, where livestock are dying, wheat and maize crops have failed, and the price of food in local markets is rising.

'The Government has been closely monitoring the situation in the country... a situation of severe food shortage and water,' said the Deputy Prime Minister.

He called for the International Community and aid agencies to intervene [in] the situation and provide necessary aid.

According to aid agencies, more than 51,000 children are reported to be facing malnutrition and are at the risk of death.

Last month, at least 11 People died due to acute water shortage in Hiran region.

Aid workers are also warning of a repeat of the 2011 famine, which caused the death of more than 260,000 people."

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