Thursday, 29 August 2013

Jesuit Refugee Services/USA: Horn of Africa Appeal

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) has released an appeal for the work they are accomplishing in the Horn of Africa. Please support them in their efforts to help the displaced peoples of the Horn of Africa. The following is taken from the appeal page on the JRS website:

"The Horn of Africa
Somalia, Eritrea and the Horn of Africa are at the center of one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. Years of conflict and regularly recurring droughts have displaced nearly two million Somalis. People fleeing the autocratic regime of Eritrea, and refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan trek to Ethiopia seeking safety. In addition to providing services for urban refugees in Addis Ababa, Jesuit Refugee Service operates several projects in the largest of the Ethiopian camps for Somalis, Melkadida. More than 40,000 refugees live in tents at Melkadida, and JRS provides counseling, adult literacy and a variety of youth programs. To the north, Jesuit Refugee Service provides programs for 13,500 Eritrean refugees at the Mai Aini Refugee Camp.

Melkadida Somali Refugee Camp Ethiopia

"We have been serving Somalis for many years and are aware of their needs. We are preparing to help increased flows of traumatized survivors restore normality to their lives. This is a long-term commitment, as psychosocial and education services are key to helping bring stability to refugees' lives," Rev. Fr Frido Pflueger, S.J. Director of JRS East Africa

To see examples of the work JRS is doing for refugees and to support their work visit:

Please pray for Somalia, and for the work that JRS and other humanitarian groups are accomplishing here and elsewhere around the world.

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